October 2015 Playlist

So another month draws to a close, and with it the year’s end gets that little bit closer too. It’s safe to say that Autumn is fully here, so it’s that time of year to wrap up warm and listen to of Arrowe Hill and R.E.M. while walking briskly through local parks.


October has been another quality month for new music. Pure Bathing Culture released an absolute gem with Palest Pearl.


Coco showed that the Steel City is still the place for forward thinking Grime.


Simbiosi released unrelenting music that pummelled us into submission with their debut album Elements.


Larry Gus released and album the let the world see that DFA could release skewed pop with the best of them.


Iglooghost got his call up to the big leads with the announcement that his new EP would be released on Flyng Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Expect more from this exciting, day-glo, sugar rushing teenager!


Loyle Carner showed again that he’s the real deal with his latest single Ain’t Nothing Changed. When his album finally comes out it’ll redefine what UK Hip-Hop can and should be!


Wovoka Gentle’s latest single shows that Folktronica is alive and well in 2015.


Victories at Sea channelled New Order and Duarn Duran on latest single Up.


Savages returned with the musical equlivant of being punched repeatedly in the face! Their second album, released in January, looks set to be as XXX exquisite as their debut.


Activia Benz had a great month, not just with their never ending ilovesingles.club, but also with the release of Sega Bodega’s new EP Sportswear. If you have the cash get the limited edition tracksuit because it’s fit!


Art is Hard also followed on the excellent work of their Hand Cut Record Club by releasing one of the strongest releases to date with Rodents’ beautifually skewed and bombastic Calm Down.


Levantis released an album that challenged as well entertainted. More of the same goinging forward, yeah?














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