31/10/2015 – DJ Cheeba Presents Plan 9 From Outer Space (2015)

DJ Cheeba provides the ultimate Halloween playlist!



Everyone here are thisyearinmusic loves Halloween. Not because we’re into the occult and Ouija boards, but mainly because we enjoy a good party, especially one that involves fancy dress. Our Cluedo parties are infamous! Another reason we love Halloween is because it gives us a chance to flex out musical muscles and create interesting, and spooooooooooooooky playlists.



We collectively put out heads together, can concocted a playlist that was full of music that ran the gambit of novelty pop, soundtracks and library music. John Williams’ Black Hole rubbed shoulders with Angelo Badalamenti’s skewed jazz from Twin Peaks, Ennio Morricone scared Amon Tobin, and Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s Utopia score freaked the kitsch out of Vic Minzi’s original Addams Family score. Then we remembered this mix and thought it fitted perfectly, so we decided to run with this instead.



What you are being served up instead is an hour long mix from the legend that is DJ Cheeba, which re-scores one of the greatest films ever Plan 9 From Outer Space! Cheeba has raided his psyche for anything spooky, eerie, weird and bizarre while be interspersed the music over a copy of the film at the BFI earlier this year.



It doesn’t matter if you sit back and re-live the film through DJ Cheeba’s wonderfully imaginative re-score, or put this on at your Halloween party, you’re in for a treat, oh and if you see flashing lights in the sky, don’t go down to the graveyard, you don’t know who you might bump into…
















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  1. EEEE! Spooky. If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise.

  2. kleebanks said:

    As usual, no clue about this group – but I agree with Francene, what spooky music! Ideal for Halloween.

  3. Ally Fiesta said:

    Dope mix! Glad to find a new music blog to follow. 😀

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