29/10/2015 – Sega Bodega-Sun Loop (2015)

Sega Bodega delivers more than just slick beats and tight seams on new EP



Limited edition releases have been in vogue since the 1960’s. I remember licking through racks of CD’s and records trying to find the lowest concentric number possible and buying it safe in the knowledge that anyone who came after me would have a higher, and ultimately, less rare copy. Albums and singles that come in special cases were always sort after, especially if all the singles could fit into it too. I expect what you wondering this has to do with the digital release of the new Sega Bodega EP Sportswear, but I will tell you now.



Glasgow born Salvador Navarrette AKA Sega Bodega has had the novel idea, along with his excellent label Activia Benz, to release a limited edition traksuit with the name of the EP embroidered on it. This is nothing short of genius, as you could listen to the EP while wearing the trackie and doing sporting activities. But enough about this clever marketing tool, what is the actual EP like, I can hear you ask. Like with most Navarette releases this is excellent!



Land of Ooo has an anxious beat and bassline, that invigorates the listen and makes what you’re doing seem more urgent and exciting, be that sending an email, running round the park, sitting on the bus going home or any number of inane things. The chopped up vocals feel like a Dada poem. It doesn’t really make sense, but combined you get the impression of a theme and story. Spook feels like future soul/R&B. The beat has been deconstructed slightly, so that all its components are on display, but not in perfect alignment. There is a synth/keybord running underneath everything, so that it flows, and draws your attention away from the cut up beats and bass. Elis is a broody slow burner that features echoey ghostly vocals, neo-industrial beats and enough reverb that it may never actually end.



Sportswear is book ended by Sun Loop and Broken Ribs. Both offer up ethereal slabs of electronic music. The main hook of both songs is performed by what sound like something between pan pipes and the something the BBC Radiophonic Workshop would have created as a theme tune about a time travelling immortal letch with his nubile assistants. It’s a fantastic technique to open and close the EP, and one that shows that Navarette isn’t far behind Glasgow legends Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, with his ideas to composition and production.




Sadly the £50 price tag will put a lot of people off buying the tracksuit, but with the EP being just £3 it shouldn’t make much difference. But those who do buy it, for whatever price, will be safe in the knowledge that is actually limited edition, oh and as an added bonus the EP is great too!
















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