28/10/2015 – Still Parade-Concrete Vision (2015)

German dreampop merchants Still Parade deliver the goods again with latest single



The world appears to slow down as cool waves of melodic indie wash over you, everything starts to look somewhere between sepia and Kodachrome and at the edges of your vision things get blurred as you listen to Still Parade’s latest offering Concrete Vision.



Concrete Vision immediately feels welcoming but new, like when you go home for Christmas and put clothes that you used to wear before you moved away. You remember the sensation of wearing them, but due to not seeing them for a while you get the impression that they are either someone else’s or new. Concrete Vision feels like this. You know the melodies and rhythm, somehow, but there is also a feeling of the unknown to it. As it meanders this way and that through lackadaisical guitars and drumming, you feel like you’ve always known and cherished this song, but as it was only released this year you know that can’t be true.



While still at the early staged of their career, Still Parade are showing all the signs of being the real deal. What we, the fans, really need is an album to show that our support has been worthwhile. Rumour has it this will be coming next year, and keep any eye out near the end of the year, as something special is in the pipeline…
















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  1. You’ve described the music perfectly. Like an old coat, it covers and warms you.

  2. Nick,

    Very beautiful… and mellow, and I listened to it all the way through. Liked it so much, I shared it on FB and Twitter!

    – Bonnie

  3. kleebanks said:

    As usual, I haven’t heard of this group – but I do like the sound. It reminds me of another group, but I can’t recall which one!

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