27/10/2015 – Tabanca-Lagoon (2015)

WotNot Music continue with post-pop vibe on Tabanca single



Pop seems to be in flux at the moment. Gone are the days of straight up effervescent pop. You know what I mean. Inane lyrics with catchy choruses, simple music with 4/4 beats, stupid videos that made no sense but were colourful and action packed, but these things combined created songs that got stuck in your head for weeks and made you cringe when you heard them out, but secretly you quite liked it as it just scream “FUN!” at full volume. Something changed and pop stars wanted to be credible and started to emulate underground sounds and artists. Then something weird happened, underground artists wanted to be pop stars and an odd exodus of scenes began to happen and now everything is a bit grey.



Musically, however, it’s all great when the scenes embrace each other, they takes the best from each and create something new and vibrant. Tabanca is one of the latest artists doing just this. Lyrically it has pop banger written all over it, but musically it is from the underground. This is down to Gent Mason’s production. It’s hazy, lazy and wavy. Combined with the lyrical content and the title it all conjures up sweltering summers and water fights.



Whether Tabanca would work as a long player will remain to be seen, but so far she’s making the right noises. And at this stage in her career this is the important thing.



Lagoon is released 06/11/2015 on WotNot Music

















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1 comment
  1. Barbara said:

    Well, that’s a different kind of pop sound. I see what you mean. I could see it catching on.

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