26/10/2015 – Eloq x Kid Antoine-Orion (2015)

Activa Benz do it again with another slice of UK bass music excellence



Activia Benz have a knack for putting out forward thinking music. Over the past few years they have released enchanting EP’s and singles from head honcho Slugabed, Iglooghost, Gunge and DJ Mastercard, to name a few. Another thing that Activia Benz excels at are their collaborative singles. The latest edition of the ilovesingles club is no exception. Eloq has teamed up with Kid Antoine to create three minutes of exquisite bass music.



Opening with deep basslines, euphoric synths and vocals samples it grabs your attention and doesn’t let up for its full duration. While the composition seems basic, it isn’t, the main loop get more and more progressive with each cycle. Bass blips, heavy drums are interlaced with delicate synths and brooding vocals.



For all its excellence there are two downsides. Firstly it’s too short. Three minutes isn’t enough for a song of this majesty. While it pops and locks in all the right places and sounds amazing on loop, some sections could have been extended, or repeated. The second downside is that due Eloq and Kid Antoine probably won’t work together for a while. This is the biggest shame as, personally speaking, they’re on to something fresh and exciting and they need to release a fully formed EP, or dare I say, album!
















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  1. Wow! That’s spectacular music. What a sound. It knocked me sideways. Love it.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to so much new music that, otherwise, I would have never heard of. You are a great storyteller.

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