25/10/2015 – Savages-The Answer (2015)

Savages return with a statement of intent for their second album



Comebacks are hard to do. You want to show that you’re still the same band, so you don’t lose your core fans. But at the same time, you want to show progression, so you can try and win new fans. Luckily, Savages have nailed it perfectly with their new single ‘The Answer’. The song opens with trade mark crunching guitars and drums that hammer us into submission, while Jehnny Beth’s delicate vocals float above it all, adding an element of calm to the musical maelstrom created by Gemma Thompson, Ayse Hassan and Fay Milton. But one thing that separates this from previous Savages releases is it’s catchy as hell! The interplay of guitars and bass is hypnotic and will draw you in so much, that after listening to it on loop for an hour, it feels more like 3 minutes. The riffs are so intricate that even Jorge Luis Borges couldn’t find his way out of their maze. The key change a quarter of the way through really ratchets things up nicely, especially when it drops back. The real star of the show is the solo half way through. I can’t do it justice, so you’ll have to listen to it yourself to find out how exquisite and skull-crushing it is.



There are only two downsides to ‘The Answer’. Firstly, Savages aren’t really breaking any new ground. But that’s perfectly fine, as this it’s a massive slab of drone rock and the genre doesn’t need fixing. Dirty riffs, coupled with a 4/4 beat, never goes out of style! Secondly, we now have to wait until next year for their follow up album to their 2013 spectacular debut album ‘Silence Yourself’.
















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  1. I like it when bands try new things. Keeps things fresh and exciting. If every song sounded the same it would simply be boring. I say kudos to Savages for keeping it fresh while still maintaining their core.

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