24/10/2015 – Rodents-Calm Down (2015)

Art is Hard release another slice of wonky lo-fi pop



Word cannot really express how much I’m in love with this song. I’m going to try now, but I make no apologies if this isn’t that coherent or comes across as bit of a love in. Firstly the riff is possibly the most addictive thing I’ve encountered this year, and I have eaten jerk chicken at carnival!



It starts off all clean and wonky, but as Calm Down progresses it gets more and more distorted and ad hoc. Secondly the rhythm juxtaposes and sloppy riff by being tight and in control the whole time. At first you don’t notice it, but after prolonged listens it draws you in more and more. Thirdly the lyrics are undecipherable. Its somewhere between primal scream therapy and drunk yodelling. But I don’t care, and nor should you, as they fit in perfectly somewhere above, below and in the middle of the music. Fourthly its part of the Art is Hard Hand Cut Record Club. AiH are slowly becoming my go to guys for everything lo-fi and off the beaten path. So far they’ve not released anything I’ve not either adored or became obsessed about.



Rumour has it there is a longplayer in the works, and personally, it can’t come quick enough! I know I should calm down and enjoy their existing tracks, but with a song this strong, you just want more and more and more!
















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