23/10/2015 – Victories at Sea-Up (2015)

Birmingham synth pop group out New Order New Order on new single and album



When I first read that Victories at Sea were releasing a debut album and the debut track was called Up, I initially thought that it might be a mournful sombre affair with euphoric moments, you know like the film Up. Then I immediately dismissed this thought as fanciful, and realised it would be a slice of indie disco infused pop. Driving synths, pounding beats and pulsating bass.



What we are given is something better than that. Yes it contains all the elements I mentioned and yes it gets better with each play, but what I didn’t mention is that the composition, while being like a day-glo wall of noise, is intricate and delicate in places. The Middle 8 has a U2-esque break (a little too similar for my tastes to be honest, but not as offensive as the real thing) Street Have No Name segued into Discotheque. The production slick and everything clicks, pop and fizzes at the right moment. Basically this Jim Abbiss producing New Order, while they cover Kasabian, being remixed by Jagz Kooner.



As Up is a teaser for debut album Everything Forever, I think it’s safe to say out appetites have been firmly whet. Whether it will live up to this hype or not, will remain to be seen, but given what we know, this could be the best New Order album never released!
















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  1. Debbie said:

    You always introduce me to the best new music. I love how you provide a background, and your thoughts about it, too. Thanks!!

  2. cindybuccieri547344015 said:

    Wow! This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Barbara said:

    Good Nick. For the sake of fans like you, I hope Everything Forever does get released.

  4. Being a guy who dabbles in new music myself, there are always bands I really enjoy listening to…especially the unsigned and lesser known ones. The one thing about the Internet which I find totally fascinating and exhilarating is the fact that we can hear from musicians we might never otherwise hear from. The whole world of music is open for us to hear and that is an amazing thing.

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