22/10/2015 – Wovoka Gentle-You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful (2015)

Folktronica trio push the boat out on second EP this year



Folktronica used to be a dirty word. Purists didn’t like the idea of mixing folk with electronica, but since when were electronica or folk ever pure genres? London trio Wovoka Gentle, consisting of two sisters and a friend, don’t seem to care about mixing genres and ideas as their second self-titled EP merges folk, dream-pop, post-rock, electronica and straight up pop with wild abandon.



Likeness starts the proceedings with ethereal synths, angelic harps and jaunty guitars. Sounding like Tunng, but at double speed, Likeness twists and skews for eight minutes until it segues into Peace is its Own Reward. Following on from the opener, but where Likeness had a ‘simple’ composition, here, they layer vocals on top of each other, to the point of making them indecipherable, like a Dada Poem. There are elements of prog rock here too, especially in the final third.



After two songs over six minutes, Radio Track (Unaired) is more concise and the EP is the better for it. It’s a song that conjures up images of sunsets on river banks, festivals with mates and lazy walks home after large Sunday lunches in pubs, all with a buoyant folky tinge to it. A chugging melodic guitar couples with psychedelic production flourishes, even the laugh in the middle doesn’t detract from its elegance. Light Within is an ambient drone workout. While post-rock/drone guitars flood your ear, whispered vocals lay low in the mix, and give the whole piece the feeling of eavesdropping on something you shouldn’t. You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful closes everything with a cacophonous euphoric pop gem. As the song progress the backing music gets more and more intense and intertwining.



What Wovoka Gentle have effectlivley done is create an EP that builds on their original, but also pushes the boundaries of not only what is considered pop/indie/folk, but what they can do composition and production wise. So far they’ve not only got me interested, but slightly obsessed, let’s hope EP III will be even more succinct as these two. Oh I bet the colour is also orange!
















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  1. kleebanks said:

    Again, another band I’ve never heard of, but they do have an interesting sound.

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