21/10/2015 – Leon from Athens-Baby Asteroid (2015)

Some summery pop from Greece to warm you on an autumnal night



Baby Asteroid is a three and a half minute slice of power pop by Timleon Vermis AKA Leon from Athens, who non-ironically is from Athens. Opening with a galloping beat, chugging guitars and loping keyboard riff, it doesn’t let up form this buoyant pace until it reaches its logical conclusion.



Given Greece’s recent problems and turmoil, it’s good to hear that their music scene hasn’t been XXX. Currently their live scene is bustling with countless musicians and bands, like Vermis, taking to the stage to vent their frustrations, worries, and concerns. Luckily the music they are producing is rivalling Pairs in 1969.



OK, so it sounds like Granddaddy covering Walk of Life, which isn’t the best combination very, but somehow it works. Coupled with Vermis’ passion and enthusiasm, he manages to convey quite bleak lyrics into one of the most upbeat songs of the year.
















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  1. It’s a bit much for me right off of the bat! However, I can see it can be joyous.

  2. Barbara said:

    Good ‘ol pop sound. When a country is in turmoil, artists do tend to come out and display thier best.

  3. Good that the music scene in Greece is so lively. The artists give everyone hope!

  4. Good rock sound. I can imaging bobbing my head and stomping my foot.

  5. Amy said:

    This is fun! Great music to wake up to!

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