17/10/2015 – Loyle Carner-Ain’t Nothing Changed (2015)

Loyle Carner releases another nigh on perfect slice of Hip-Hop perfection


A few years ago it looked like UK Hip-Hop’s sun was setting. The list of artists who were releasing great music was dwindling, and all the names and groups what had been lauded, were almost all gone due to industry cutbacks and releasing weak albums. Then, as usually happens, it all changed and UK Hip-Hop started to get exciting and vibrant again. Songs were coming out that were as ground breaking as Black Radical MK II’s Monsoon.



One of this new brand of artists is Loyle Carner. Growing up in London as Grime was slowly seeping into society has really shaped Carner’s lyrical outlook, but musically he’s more old school. It’s this mixing of styles that really puts him in his own league. On latest single Ain’t Nothing Changed, Carner re-imagines the blueprint that De La Soul and Gangstarr laid down, jazz and soul samples over tight crisp beats, while he talks about his life. This is a life most people can relate to, post-uni life, working for money for your family rather than yourself, and no matter how hard you work nothing really changes. What’s the most impressive facet of Carner’s style is how his songs are chocked full of passion and emotion, but he possess none of the masculine posturing that dominates the scene. And this is incredibly refreshing.



This song has pretty much everything. Moondog-esque sample, Guru’s Jazzmatazz vibe and dynamic lyrics that conjure images as clear as a photo. This is UK Daisy Age for 2015. If there was every doubt about Carner’s abilities and skills this proves it yet again. His flows are smooth, his rhymes tight and his ability has only been hinted at. When Carner releases his debut album, it has the possibility of eclipsing every UK Hip-Hop album ever released, and everything will be changed.
















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