16/10/2015 – Slow Riot-Demons (2015)

Irish trio are set to unleash fully formed EP on the world on the 23rd



Stab City AKA Limerick isn’t really know for its musical exports, Richard D. James was born there and the Cranberries were the last band to make it big. This looks set to change as Slow Riot are releasing their debut EP, and it’s a doozie! Mixing the simplicity of Young Marble Giants, the post-punk throbbing melancholy of Joy Division with the energy of Wire, Slow Riots’ debut EP Cathedral delivers on all levels!



Opening track Demons showcases not only their ear for agonisingly catchy melodies, but for brooding pathos layered lyrics. Musically however it’s the equivalent of walking home in the rain after an argument with a loved one, or a bad day at work. The world seems against you, but then you turn a corner and everything changes, just like the middle 8/out of Demons. BAM. A soaring solo and delicious rhythmic come out of nowhere and the song is immediately transformed. City of Culture comes out of the traps speeding and doesn’t let up for its entire duration. Overall the lyrics aren’t the main event here, it’s the interplay between guitars and the drums, with the bass underpinning everything. It breathes life into a tired genre.



Adele slows things down after such an incendiary start. Melodic and pondering guitars wash over us, as questioning lyrics seep into every pores. However as the song progresses so does the abstract nature of the song. The final quarter is an exercise in guitar torturing and pedal abuse. While it feels like two songs sandwiched together via a wall of feedback, it does work very well. It isn’t anything new or massively exciting, but it is enjoyable. Final track Cooper’s Dream might reference Twin Peaks, or their mate who told them about a dream they had, either way it doesn’t really matter as it’s just under six minutes of stark guitars and echoy vocals. It acts as a bookend with opening track Demons perfectly.



While the Cathedral EP doesn’t break any new ground, redesign the wheel or set the world on fire, it is a very well accomplished selection of songs that grabs your attention from the opening note to the last. The only real downside it their influences are too obvious and the songs don’t offer many surprises along the way. Let’s hope on their next release they’ve found their own voice a bit more.
















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  1. I like the sound of brooding pathos layered lyrics. Well done with another music description.

  2. I really like your archive especially the 70s….. very well done

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