15/10/2015 – Berne-In the Woods (2015)

Walks in the wood will never be the same after getting the post-pop treatment



There is something about Berne’s song In the Woods that you can’t quite put your finger on. On the surface it is beautiful slice of skewed post-pop, but dig a little deeper and it all becomes hard to define. OK, let’s deal with the tangible things first. Berne’s voice is nigh on flawless. There is a tone and clarity there that most new artists don’t have. As the song draws to its conclusion, Berne starts to show what she can do. Secondly the production is exquisite. From a simple mournful piano, layers of synths, effects and samples are built up, until it towers as large as the Wall in Westeros.



Now, the grey area is when both Berne’s voice and the music mix. Independently they work, we are agreed on that right? Combined however they create a feeling of unease that makes us, the listening, feel tense, but excited at the same time. It’s like when you read something eerie, or watch something creepy when you’re alone at night. You know nothing bad is going to happen and what you’ve just consumed, culturally speaking, was fiction and it’s just your imagination making you think you can hear/see things. This mood is what Berne managed to create in under four minutes.



Given this this is the lead song from her debut EP, Conversation released 13th November, expect to see and hear a lot more from this post-pop chauntress. Oh and be wary when you next go for a walk through the woods near twilight….
















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  1. What a fantastic sound. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. Love that format of the video too. I can listen to it without having to hook up to a different crowd.

  2. Really enjoyed listening to this artist. Looking forward to hearing more from her. Surprisingly she reminds me of some of my favorite music back in my Goddess Circle days. I’ll see if I can find some of that old music.

  3. NIck, I’m visiting from the Ultra Blog Challenge. This artist is blessed to have you promoting her.

  4. amybovai said:

    I liked this artist. Really enjoyed listening to her!

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