14/10/2015 – Car Seat Headrest-Times to Die (2015)

With abstract lyrics and a driving wall of sound Car Seat Headrest looks set to end 2015 on a high



Will Toledo AKA Car Seat Headrest has a way with words. On current single he delivers this gem “Is it harder to sleep when you’re holding the machine, is it harder to sleep when you can hear him”. I have no idea what this means, but considering it is backed by a huge wall of gargantuan indie it doesn’t really matter, as it sounds like the best thing ever!



The later Toledo sings “Worming my way into your heart, Worming my way onto the charts, I want a deal, Let’s make a deal, Let’s cut a covenant” showing the pitfalls of singing a deal and trying to make it big. The chorus is easier to work out too “We’ve all had better times to die”. Is Toledo saying that the future only holds bad times, and everything good that will happen to us has happened in the past, or is it just a way to say “You’ve made it this far and you’ve had better reasons to die than now?” I’ve been thinking about it for a while, even in the bath and everything, and I’m still none the wiser. I guess this is what I’m not a philosopher….



Anyway back to the subject in hand. Times to Die is quality. Nothing about it feels weak or unimagined. The music is tight and pacey, the lyrics, as I’ve already mentioned, are abstract, but to the point. Give that Toledo is at the start of this career, the next few months look to be very rosy for this pithy troubadour.
















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