13/10/2015 – Tom Figgins-Giants Played in Woods Like These (2015)

Acoustic troubadour Tom Figgins sets sights on world domination with new single



It seems like every week there is a new singer songwriter being lauded as the next big thing. While the majority of these never live up to the hype as, just like in Highlander, there can only be one, Tom Figgins looks to possess the skills and qualities to make a serious challenge for Mr. Sheeran’s crown.



Firstly his voice has a rootsy grit to it. I’m not saying that he gargles gravey, or anything like that, but there is a quality to his voice that sounds somewhat timeless. Secondly his looks is striking. A long hair and beard combo add to his earthy charm. While his look isn’t as outlandish as members of the Magic Band, it does sent him apart from his clean cut peers, and finally, and possibly the most important, he has the songs. Current single Giants Played in Woods Like These follows the folk tradition of mixing nature with fairy tale creatures, perfected by Pentangle and other classic folkers in the 1960’s and 1970’s.



Again a lost is still to be written about and quite importantly by Figgins’ himself, but so far he is cutting an impressive figure on the periphery of pop thanks to delectable lyrical imagery and a voice that begs to be listened to.
















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1 comment
  1. Barbara said:

    Sounds like he was classically trained. I like his voice and I like the illusion to fairy tale creatures in his lyrics. You may be right. He may be the next big thing. 😉

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