12/10/2015 – Anna von Hausswolff-Come Wander with Me/Deliverance (2015)

Swedish songwriter’s monster of a track has more going on that volcanic soundscapes



Anna von Hausswolff’s new single Come Wander with Me/Deliverance is punishing. It’s over ten minutes of banshee-esque vocals, post-rock chugging riffs, wailing solos and an unrelenting nature that is hard to ignore. Oh and did I mention that it’s also fantastic? No? Oh, it’s also fantastic.



Opening like the 1972 film version of Tales from the Crypt, von Hausswolff creates a haunging vibe through, what sounds like a massive organ with a load of feedback, before her ethereal, and Kate Bush/Alison Goldfrapp sounding, vocals cut through it like a knife. As her voice swells, and sounding like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the music slowly builds, shifts and skews until driving guitars, towering bass and monumental drums fill the mix. At around four minutes there is a transitional motif, and then hammering guitars and drums pummel the senses into submission, much like Swans do. However there is an element of vulnerability to von Hausswolff’s music that stops it being menacing. Below the surface there are melodies and rhythmic hooks to grab hold of



Come Wander with Me/Deliverance is a brave piece of music to release, giving societies love of short concise songs. With its post-rock/progressive leanings it, could have ended up as a ten minute vanity project, but thanks to von Hausswolff’s skill and flair at composition it turns out to be something else entirely. While Come Wander with Me/Deliverance will possibly be ignored by the majority of music fans, the people that do get sucked in by its relentless musicality and unflagging charm will surly treasure it. It’s time to pick a side…
















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  1. Another musician that I’ve never heard of. Thank you for telling me about her and her music. Really excellent story. Have you written a book? You might think about compiling your stories and turning them into a book.

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