11/10/2015 – The Migrant-Belly of a Man (2015)

Danish indie poppers tease world with lead single and debut album news



Two albums in and Bjarke Bendtsen’s the Migrant project have gone from obscurity in Denmark, to international acclaim. Now he returns with their third, Flood, and possibly finest body of work to date. Bendtsen’s ability to mix classic song writing with contemporary production is second to none.



Through its ten songs, Bendtsen manages to take elements from George Harrison, Dy the River, Fleet Foxes and Thom Yorke, to name a few, and thanks to a dollop of hypnotic rhythms and melody creating something that feeling of Deja-Vu. You feel like you’ve heard these songs all your life, due to their timeless quality, but at the same time they sound fresh, brand new and contemporary.





Stand out track Belly of a Man exemplifies this. It’s winding rhythms and chorus of ‘oooooooooooohs’ and ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs’ conjures up freak out jams from the 1970’s, while never leaving the confines of modern lyrics/song writing. When it finishes you immediately want to hear it again and forget the rest of the album. This would be foolish however as the next track, and lead single Silence, follows the blueprint Belly of a Man laid down. Waves of leisurely guitars and lurid drumming washes over you, as you’re slowly taken on a sea voyage by Bendtsen and co.



As third albums go, this is up there with the best of them, the only problem is what will Bendtsen do next? Will Volume 4 continue this laidback odyssey, or will they push the envelope even further and deliver a free jam psych out? Let’s hope so!
















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  1. Even though you amazingly described this it wasn’t my favorite 😦

  2. Would love to hear this song, but couldn’t without signing up for Spotify or adding my email address. 😦

  3. You always find new music and musicians to introduce here! Thanks for sharing another gem! (I am glad I have an account with Spotify so I can listen!)

  4. Not only do you supply an endless string of musician, but your words enhance their music.

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