10/10/2015 – Autre Ne Vent- Age of Transparency (2015)

Sounding like the beginning of a Darren Aronofsky film is a good way to start a song. It creates a feeling of dark brooding, challenging characters making challenging compositions, and the prospect that anything could happen. What does acutally happen isn’t what we expect, a but like an Aronofsky film, but this isn’t as enjoyable.



After a two minute intro of broody strings, mournful piano and a haunting vocal choir, the song takes an abrupt left turn, down Pop Avenue and everything changes. All the good work of the intro is washed away in three seconds. Banal lyrics and a vapid husky vocals come into the mix and you switch off. Yes there are moments when that original excitement returns, but these are fleeting and immediately you long for the intro again.



On repeat listens you start to realise that the Age of Transparency firstly too long. At six minutes ninety seconds could easily been shaved off without really losing too much, and secondly this is probably two songs sandwiched together with a layer of mediocrity and missed chances in the middle. This is a such as shame as after such a strong intro, the song warranted a great middle an end.

















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  1. I am visiting today from the Ultimate Blog challenge. Your descriptions of the music were excellent. I enjoyed reading your post.

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