08/10/2015 – Desperate Journalist-A Phase (2015)

Escape Velocity returns this weekend. This is one not to miss out on!



After an 18 month break Escape Velocity is back at The Central Bar, Gateshed, on Saturday 10th October, for a night that you would be foolish to miss. This line up isn’t just a announcing a return, oh no, it’s a statement of intent! It shouts, “YOU THOUGHT WE WERE GOOD BEFORE? YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHNG YET…!”



Life Model are up first. Their brand of ethereal newgazing, with gossamer vocals from Sophie Evans brings to mind Liz Fraser and Alison Moyet at their most fragile and broken. As first bands go, Life Model are pretty great, so get in early otherwise you’ll miss them!





Slow Decade take to the stage next. Sounding like Paul Heaton fronting Belle and Sebastian after a REALLY heavy night out, Slow Decade excel at melodious melancholy. Their stories of rejection and redemption have enough emotion power to make even the most cynical of us let out a little tear at their tender honesty.





Headling is Desperate Journalist. What a year this quartet have had! Having released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album on Fierce Panda earlier in the year and playing it around the country has made them one of the must see bands on the scene at the moment. Their reimaging of the quiet-loud formula as, and continue to win them legions of fans everywhere they play.




Tickets are available at the link below



















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  1. I enjoyed the LIfe Model song Lilt. I feel like it’s good to lay in bed and chill… then start crying over an ex lol. Nice post

  2. amybovai said:

    Hi Nick,
    That sounds like a group that knows where they’ve been, are certain where they’re heading and are ready to deliver!
    They must have really worked hard in those 18 months out of the limelight!

  3. Boy that sound plays with your mind. This is the best format for me to listen to the music you talk about.

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