06/10/2015 – Guerilla Toss-Realistic Rabbit (2015)

Sonic terrorists Guerilla Toss return with first release on new label



Guerilla Toss. The name should tell everything you need to know about the band. No? OK, have a quick look at the cover for Flood Dosed. All make sense? Good. When confronted with a cover that depicts a battle between two Aztec’s tribes, the sun floating above them with a face like a lion holding a scimitar and trident in each hand, you know this isn’t going to be a conventional pop EP.



Realistic Rabbit gets things going in fine form. Angular keyboards/synth wash over us as seemingly random words drenched in echo are spoken. It sounds like Devo being produced by Les Claypool. The middle eight is an exquisite breakdown of bass, drums and synths being tortured. Ritual in Light follows on this free jazz motif, but cranks everything up a notch. Morse code struts around with math time signatures and atonal guitars and disco beats. Polly’s Crystal finishes everything off as they started, but this time there are pop hooks, well relatively poppy hooks given the nature of the EP. If Pig Destroyer dropped the noise and went for hooks they’d sound like this.



Flood Dosed is a short sharp look it to a parallel dimension where skronk is the dominate musical force. It’s a disconcerting, challenging, captivating, headache inducing, dance instigating and incredibly brilliant! DFA Records have done it again. Not content to release slabs of crowd friendly indie disco, they’ve shown they can release quality abstract math influenced disco too. Well done Guerilla Toss and DFA I doff my hat to thee…
















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  1. Amazing you you can pull all this together. I enjoyed the last one a little more. I like the groundedness of bass. Have you heard of Vocaloids? They are big in Japan.

  2. No, I can’t deal with this song. hahah It seems like twenty things going on in my mind on top of the million things that are already going on. This would definitely give me a headache.

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