03/10/2015 – Coco-Big Bou Yah (2015)

Big weekends deserve big tunes. In recent months there hasn’t been a bigger tune than this. Big Bou Yah sees Coco reunited with Toddla T again, after June’s Target Practice single. It’s basically a massive Sheffield love in or as Coco says “Two Sheffield veterans, what a bargain…”



Squelchy bass, sharp beats and finger clicks kick in after the title/chorus is shouted by Coco. Spitting lyrics out at 100 miles a minute Coco, talks about the trials and tribulations of living in the Steel City and playing live shows on the Grime scene. At times it’s hilarious, but at others touchingly poignant. This is everything we’ve come to expect not only from Coco, Toddla but Girls Music too. Its forward thinking, but totally engaging and catchy.




Considering this single can be yours for less than £1.50 Coco was right when he said it was a bargain…
















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  1. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. While I am not familiar with this work, I enjoyed your post. You definitely bring out the visualization of what is conveyed.

  2. gingerlondon said:

    Interesting. Thanks for this.

  3. amybovai said:

    Hi Nick,
    Sounds like a really good group. I’ll take your word for it. I didn’t hear the squelchy forward -thinking, catchy group. But I wrote their name down and will let you know if I can catch them on youtube! I enjoy your descriptions.

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