September 2015 Playlist

Oh September, why did you have to go… It was another month of quality music. Some new bands burst onto the scene, and some returning favourites reminded us why we liked them in the first place.


First up Kevin Martin, AKA The Bug released his final instalment of the Angels and Devils saga. Zim Zim Zim featured Burro Banton on vocals. Gold Celeste released a single that oozed pop perfection, it made listen to other music a chore. Mike Krol returned with his third album Turkey. Don’t like the title and cover put you off, this is a serious album! The Garden started to titillate us about their new album, with title track Haha. It was short, sweet and insanely catchy and inventive. This is an album to definitely watch out for.


Alif showed what world music could be in 2015. Seamlessly mixing Arabian folk traditions with western production techniques, it’s an album that cries out to he played. Fresh Snow released their new EP and it back up their original mandate of creating forward thinking post-rock meets pop ethos. Kevin Martin returned under the guise of his King Midas Sound project, and teamed up with Fennesz to create an album that was the musical equivalent mist. Christian Scott released one of the best jazz albums of the year, in a year of great jazz this stand outs! Rival Consoles announced their return with an ethereal low tempo single Howl. And finally Bristol’s Jesuits gave us hope that a new swath of bands will take up the mantle and not sit on their peers laurels.



So October, think you can better that…?








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