01/10/2015 – Pure Bathing Culture-Palest Pearl (2015)

Portland indie pop duo Pure Bathing Culture return with exquisite new album



Since Pure Bathing Culture burst on the scene in 2012, they have left an indelible mark on anyone who has heard their music. Their 2013 album Moon Tides was lauded as an instant classic, and quickly rose to pinnacle of end of year’s lists. Now they have returned with a new single and album Pray for Rain. But the fact still remains. Pure Bathing Culture make beautiful music.



Lead single Palest Pearl is chock full of undulating melodies interlace with billowing harmonies in a Cocteau Twins synth pop style. Its music that makes you long, yearn and pine for whatever it is that makes you long, yearn and pine. However unlike a lot of synth pop there is a joyful effervescence bubbling under the surface. This adds an extra level of catchiness that some of their peers are missing.



Pray for Rain is set for release on the 30th October, and it Palest Pearl and title track Pray for Rain are anything to go by it should deliver similar results as Moon Tides. This is definitely an date to mark in the diary, come rain or shine.
















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