30/09/2015 – Jesuits-Dinner Jazz (2015)

Bristol based Jesuits debut single is a perfect slice of psych pop that demands to be played loud



When things appear to be at their darkest, a light appears to lead your way. While this is a slightly over dramatic and pretentious, it is also slightly true. The Jesuits have appeared out of the fog, musically speaking, like Doctor Midnight when you are in distress from over produced pop music and schmindie bands who think angular hair and lad-lite soundbites are the be all and end all.



Sounding like a mixture of Spaceman 3 covering the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, being produced by Owen Morris, Dinner Jazz shimmers in a translucent psychedelic sheen, but its stomping beat stops everything from disappearing up its arse in sea of reverse guitars, never-ending vocal harmony fade outs and whimsical lyrics that make John Lennon’s poetry look like the Bleak House.



Officially released next month, Dinner Jazz, and it’s equally catchy mate, Carpet Floors, showcase a band who, despite this being their debut release, show all the power and pose of a well-oiled and established unit. Only good things can come from this Bristol quartet!
















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  1. Great song, actually got into this one and got up and jammed out! Any music is great music as long as it sounds great! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. How do the bans come up with such fantastic names? Anyway, this one sounds good.

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