28/09/2015 – The Naturals-Axe (2015)

The Naturals announce debut album in November on Howling Howl, be very excited!


This is an album I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Since I first heard the Naturals I was blown away by not only their bravery in the music they make, but in their desire to push boundaries and their use of texture and tone. When you listen to one of their songs, it sounds like no one else, yet it doesn’t exclude you from the sonic world they’ve created.



Having announced recently that their debut album will be released through Howling Owl Records next month, their spiritual home, expectation is high, given the quality of their existing singles. After spending a decade honing their sound and taking pointers from soundsystem culture, the Naturals debut album HIVE lives up to its name. This is a collective working for the greater good, rather than just individuals trying to get a name for themselves.



So far the only clue to what the album will sound like is latest release Axe. Drone vocal harmonies, glithcy beats, funky bass, and charismatic guitars, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from this Bristol outfit. The only hard part will be waiting patiently for its release on November 13th….
















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1 comment
  1. Barbara said:

    Funky. I can tell that you can’t wait for November. 🙂

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