27/09/2015 – The Death of Pop-Garden (2015)

The Death of Pop’s new single as part of Too Pure’s singles club is a match made in heaven!



If you take bands on their names alone, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that the Death of Pop are a bunch of dour ne’er do wells who create music that makes Joy Division sound like a day-glo version of A*Teens. However you’d be wrong. The Death of Pop make gloriously uplifting and surprisingly danceable indie pop, that leans heavily toward the shoegazing camp. Over the past few year they have carved a niche as one of the most forward thinking and revered band around. Anyone who as caught their live shows knows they aren’t just a bunch of lads hammering away on their instruments, eyes down wearing a scowl beneath their asymmetric haircuts. They have passion and believe in what they’re doing.



Earlier in the year they released their debut album Runts. A collection of songs culled from their extensive back catalogue. Now they’re looking set to release their new single Gardens, after teaming up with Too Pure Records, to be the next instalment of their inspired singles club. Gardens has all TDoP’s calling cards, echoy vocals, woozy walls of guitars, a pulsating and driving beat and a devil may care panache that comes from not caring what other people think of you. But most importantly it’s catchy as hell! And the B-Side, Only Now isn’t bad either!
















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  1. I absolutely adore this song! Might even have to put it on my playlist!

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