26/09/2015 – Pyramid-House (2015)

Sometimes you hear something and it takes you by surprise. You see the name/cover and you think one thing. Then when you hear it, you get something else that makes you think “What the hell was that?” This is exactly what happened when I played Pyramid’s debut song House.



The cover is stark and minimal. A small white triangle on a black back ground with the word Pyramid written below it. This gives nothing away. Is it acid techno? Could it be some drone? Is it some neo-prog (given the penchant for bands to parody Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon album cover)? Or is it something else entirely? Is it lo-fi hip-hop? Or is it just some bog-standard indie with a lazy cover? What you actually get is something far more interesting, and thus more enjoyable.



After the first opening bars it’s hard to gage is this is a band from the 1960’s, that has laid dormant until someone found some old tapes, a-la The Dragons, or if this is a new band who love making retro sounding music. After doing some digging, Pyramids are a new band and their debut EP is on its way. Which is handy as this slice of bubble gum psych is something we all need to hear a lot more of.
















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1 comment
  1. Bethany said:

    Excellent analysis of this piece. What a fun thing to write about! Thanks for exposing us all to new pieces of music.

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