23/09/2015 – Christian Scott-West of the Best (2015)

New Orleans jazzman pushes the boundaries of the genre again



Jazz is in a state of flux. Whilst trying to throw off the shackles of its boring, weirdly beardy past, it’s now being embraced a new generation of musicians. American band leader Kamasi Washington released his debut through Brainfeeder which showcased not only his dextrous playing, but his ability as a composer, arranger and band leader. In England record label Gearbox Records is pushing boundaries not just with their ability to find the best unheard sessions and jams, releasing career defining album by cult artist Michael Horovitz and possibly the album of the year by young duo Binker and Moses.



Now sees Christian Scott releasing his latest album, Stretch Music, on Ropeadope. Sounding like 1970’s Miles Davis working with Herbie Mann while being produced by Danger Mouse, it surges from one discipline to another, without the listener even realising its happened. The drums are tight but loose, guitar funky but despondent and Scott’s trumpet is luxurious but poppy. If it wasn’t for Washington, Binker and Moses it would have been the best jazz album of year, but Scott shouldn’t bemoan his bad timing, far from it, he should rejoice in releasing an album full of power and vitalogy.
















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  1. Trudy said:

    I am a fan of jazz like this, the track made me feel like I was in a club listening live. Great post!

  2. Barbara said:

    Hey Nick, Awesome. I’ve always like jazz and I like this sound… from Scott’s trumpet all the way around. 🙂

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