20/09/2015 – Alex Chiltown-Cwtch (2015)

For those of us having grown up on the outskirts of modernity, buses stopped at 10.30, pubs shut at 11 and the last chance saloon of a late night bar kicked out at midnight, we can immediately relate to Alex Chilltown’s latest single Cwtch, released on Art is Hard as part of their Hand Cut Record Club. It taps into that quintessential English theme of melancholic romanticism. Yes the weather is weather is crap, and yes I’m on my own, but I’m going to stay here because, in a weird way, it feels right. You know, like Captain Kat in Under Milk Wood. He could go somewhere else, but he chooses not to.



Musically Cwtch doesn’t get out of second gear. This is fine, as if it did the whole song would be changed and the DIY vibe, that is the main hook, would be washed away by a sea of clean production, slick guitars and slightly autotuned vocals. As we have it, Cwtch is a two and a half minute audible hug. Which is fitting as Cwtch mean hug in colloquial Welsh.



As with all Art is Hard HCRC singles, this is limited to 25, so better get in quick or you’ll be left searching the world’s record fairs and Discogs pages like a musical version of David Carradine in Kung Fu.
















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1 comment
  1. Cwcth music sounds interesting.
    First the pubs shut early and didn’t open on Sunday.
    Now, they have all closed around out way in Elstree, Hertfordshire. No business. No live music. Sad.

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