18/09/2015 – Hunck-I’ll Wait (2015)

Forlorn guitar worries show their inordinate side on new single



It’s been a hell of a year for North London’s Hunck. Not only did they release the exquisite single So Far, So Deep, played countless gigs but they also played the Reading and Green Man festivals. Not a bad thing for the band who released their debut EP less than a year ago. After this busy summer gallivanting around the UK, they’ve found time to record a new EP.



I’ll Wait takes their melancholic blueprint, but juxtaposes them with jangly surf-esque guitars and a driving rhythm section. Not only is this Hunck’s strongest song to date, but it’s also their most immediate. After a single listen you feel the urge to play it again, and again. Lyrics like “I’m tired of dreaming of hell, can’t even look at myself, but I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, until I’m someone else” and “I’ve been drinking all night, but I’ve been smoking alright, but I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, Til I know I’m fine” show a tongue in cheek and sardonic take on self-help and nights out. This is Hunck’s real power, their ability to show us society in a self-deprecating mirror, while giving us something to dance along to.



Luckily there will only be an interim gap until the official release next month. If this is anything to go by, the wait will be well worth it!
















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