17/09/2015 – Super Lungs-I Lost My Way (2015)

Brighton Quartet’s hit the ground running on debut song



New bands are the best. They’re exciting because you don’t know everything about them and with each new song you run the risk of being turned off them, due to them losing their initial spark. All of this way off at the moment as I’m currently in raptures over Super Lungs’ debut song I Lost My Way.



Super Lungs have turned a grey and dismal day into a full on technicolour blinder. You know, like in the original Wizard of Oz when Dorothy Gale wakes up in Oz, or in Secret Garden when Mary Lennox opens the door and enters the garden, that’s almost exactly what it was like. One minute everything was wet and boring and then BAM the world seems new and fun again.



In four minutes I Lost My Way skews everywhere from indie, 60’s revivalism, Northern Soul, psych freak out and bubble gum pop. The real star of the show are the lyrics. Lines like “Thinking of all I could have been, my thoughts are lost in dreams” and “I get up and go to work, And I know I’m not getting paid what I’m worth” are slightly Cohen-esque in places, and show that they haven’t just been practicing their instruments in the evening. Each line feels like a Polaroid picture, but instead of fading colours and funny fashions, Super Lungs lyrics showcase a slightly dated world view, but one that is very much needed now.



With one song down, I’m hooked, let’s just hope that whatever they’ve been trying out on Brighton crowds and in rehearsal rooms is just as fine-tuned as this, and they don’t lose their, collective, way.
















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  1. Reminds me of madchester sounds and shoe gazing. Not bad.

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