14/09/2015 – Grubs-Garnish (2015)

Indie super group’s debut album delivers on initial promise



Grubs have it. Not only have they written one of the best debut albums in recent years, they’re incendiary live and when not creating lo-fi indie pop together they’re in three of the best bands around today (King of Cats, Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome).



Opening with the catchy and What Cost shows what the Grubs are made of. Luscious melodies are intertwined with Roxy’s delightfully enchanting vocals. It’s the perfect introduction, not just to the album but to Grubs, if you haven’t heard them before. Last year’s debut single Dec 15 is still was under two minutes of catchy pop melodies, succulent vocals and slightly surreal lyrics. Work in Progress is a stand out track, with possibly one of the best lyrics of the year so far “I am a work in progress. I am progressing slowly. She is a perfect person”



Lead track Windwaker is psychotically catchy. The vocal harmonies start off sounding cacophonous and disorienting, but after several listens, you realise there is order to what appears to be chaotic noise. The star of the show however is the guitar work. From intro to outro, the jangling guitar grabs you by your collar and makes you dance and jig with it until it finally lets you go and saunters off to get a cold drink.



At just under twenty minutes It Must Be Grubs is a short, but sweet, journey through lo-fi indie pop. Despite its short nature you don’t feel hard done by when It Must Be Grubs finishes, as the songs are chocked full of catchy melodies with inventive composition, and the kind of lyrics that are kooky, but not pretentious. Collectively they show why their other bands are three of the most exciting and vibrant on the scene at the moment. This is an album that you not only have to hear, but hear again and again and again until it’s ingrained in your psyche. Forget love, this must be Grubs!
















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  1. Barbara said:

    Whew I’d like to bottle their energy. Three other bands, as well as this one? I’m impressed.

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