13/09/2015 – The Orielles-Joey Says We Got It (2015)

Surf rock done Northern style



Halifax isn’t the immediate place that comes to mind when you think of surf rock, but it slowly is starting to thanks to neo-surf group The Orielles. Their brand of sun drenched surf pop screams to be played while speeding to the beach with the top down on a sunny morning, rather than driving through the Yorkshire Dales.



This isn’t a case of replicating the past, the Orielles put their own spin on the genre. Channelling the Pixies as much as the Chantays, this West Yorkshire trio put a bit of oomph and lo-fi sophistication into their songs. Singer Esme Hand’s delicate vocals add a tenderness and compassion that not only draws you into each song, but envelopes you in warming embrace. Hand’s bass work, coupled with her sister Sid’s drumming gives a tight frame work for guitarist Henry Carlyle Wade to create a sonic patch work of running riffs and alluring solos.



The Orielles are definitely something to get excited about, as with each new release they increase the magnitude of their catchy melody saturated gems. Rumour has it that there are more songs like Joey Says We Got It in the wings waiting to be released. This is a band to keep your eyes and ears on while they slow transform into the real deal.
















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  1. Love that SoundCloud backdrop for the song. I can’t say I’m impressed with the music, but loved your description, as usual.

  2. amybovai said:

    Interesting sound and explanation! Where is West Yorkshire?

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