12/09/2015 – Fenrir-Einn (2015)

Shouty, heavy and unfortunately tedious


Sometimes you hear something that is baffling and incongruous. The Rise Part 1 EP from Ipswich’s Fenrir is a mixture of shouty chorues, screeching vocals, melodic bass patterns, distorted guitars, rapid drumming and a sense of general confusion. Weirdly it doesn’t work.



Tell My Wife I said ‘Hello’ kicks things off with a blistering start/stop guitars and drumming. So far so good. Then the vocals and bass enter the mix and it kind of falls over, and rolls about on the floor for a bit moaning that it can’t get up, while never really trying. Einn is a just over a minute folk tinged acoustic guitars and ethereal effects. It’s staggeringly simple, but ultimately captivating. Sadly this can’t be said for the rest of the EP. At times sounding like the Arctic Monkeys have teamed up with pop-rockers The Automatic (remember them, nah me neither) to create an abomination that not even Emil Blonsky would take ownership for. Victory Rose II starts off all folkie and epic (acoustic guitars and rising vocals) the then it gets heavier and louder. Sadly all the good work from the introduction is lost beneath the weird of its own angst and self-loathing.



The main problem is that Fenrir can’t work out what kind of band they want to be. It’s never heavy enough to be metal, yet it’s too hard to be indie/rock. The vocals are too screechy for mass consumption, but when they’re clean the lyrics are banal and uninspiring. Fenrir are clearly proficient musicians, it’s just that they need stop making music by numbers and try and craft something that not only sounds good, but has something to say. Let’s hope The Rise Part 2 is this EP.
















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  1. The main problem is that Fenrir can’t work out what kind of band they want to be. That’s a little like a writer who combines several genres. What’s wrong with that. The sound (or the story) is what counts.

  2. What is happening for me….Slow rock ballad sounds that start with something the Scorpions would do (good).

    Then it sounds like a happy-go-lucky jingle for a commercial. Fine for a commercial.

    Then, I am blasted, like shocked. I like to banging my head, but not be shocked into it. The whole point is to process and unwind to heavy metal. Use beautiful riffs for bridges or ballads.

    They could be brutally awesome like Metallica if they’d commit.

    They need to cut the bubble gum and get to the point faster and stop worrying about boring me with it. Bore me with your best in one song at a time. I’d probably love it. The sampling, resume rock has gotta stop for these dudes.

    Use the voices that give me chills (not the speaking voice). I just wonder what would happen if they stop trying to be everything at once. I knew a trained musician who did this in his band, too. Interesting how direction is needed when there is more talent. They need a PRODUCER to help them focus.

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