11/09/2015 – Swick and Lewis-Yumi Fruit (2015)

The last gasp of summer just got a theme tune!



Despite this current warm snap, the summer is over. This is a massive shame, not just because it was nice not having to wear a coat and jumper to go to the shops. Another reason to bemoan the end of the nice weather is Swick and Lewis’ new track Yumi Fruit would have been its official anthem.



Opening with hazy keyboards, a low tempo beat, and with a slightly Balearic vibe permeating through it, Yumi Friut carries on this way until a vocal kicks in that would make Dave Nada proud. You can almost see the heat waves rising off speakers as the song twists and turns through four minutes of forward thinking club gold. Basically it oozes fun and appears to be made to be listened to by open water in the sun, be that sea, the pool, or the pond in your local park.



This is the most immediate and catchy track in Activia Benz’ ilovesingles.club series. This is saying something considering in the past they’ve released bangers from Faik, Diveo, Mualuise, Late Ride and the head honcho himself Slugabed! Somehow Melbourne residents Swick and Lewis have managed to outshine them all with clever beats, catchy melodies and an infectious vocal. More of the same please lads…
















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