09/09/2015 – Kinsey-Get Lost (2015)

Musical journey man releases his much awaited debut album



Let’s get this out of the way now Nick Kinsey, as played with everyone. OK, this might not be 100% accurate, but he has played with a lot of great musicians. Elvis Perkins, AA Bondy, Marco Benevento, AC Newman, and that’s the one listed on his Discogs page (others include Cold War Kids, Diamond Doves, Bon Iver).



Now Kinsey is about to release his debut later in the month. But before My Loneliest Debut comes out he’s unveiled a track Get Lost. Sounding somewhere between a Mega Drive game from the 1990’s, the Killers going through a Glam phase and the best power pop anthem you’ve ever heard, Get Lost does get your hopes up for My Loneliest Debut. It not only talks the talk, it walks the walk too. Slightly sturtting, with its top button undone, hi-fiving people and infecting them with its jittery charm. Get Lost? Get In more like!
















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  1. Oh this is really awesome, I need to try to keep an eye out for it and wondering if I can get it over here! Great choice!

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