07/09/2015 – The Garden-Haha (2015)

The Garden re-define pop music with new single



This. Is. Amazing. After hearing Haha by models cum musicians the Garden once you immediately want to hear it again. The levels of infection make Ebola look like a case of the sniffles. It basically sounds like nothing else, while at the same time, sounding like everything you’ve ever heard before. The opening salvo sounds like the Ratpack classic Searchin’ For My Rizla, then a filthy bassline kicks in and HaHa goes from rave to punk in five seconds. The rest of HaHa is filled with the Garden’s trade mark surreal lyrics, incendiary composition and effervescence that has made them a favourite for anyone who’s heard them. In all honesty they are the breath of fresh air we’ve collectively been waiting, and hoping for.



If this is a prelude for The Garden’s new album, then it’s time to contact Doc Brown and jump forward to 9th October, because waiting until then normally is going to be a massive chore filled with clockwatching, checking emails for dispatch notices and every redelivery you receive from the post office, you’re hoping it’ll be their album.
















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1 comment
  1. Barbara said:

    Redefining pop, I see. Well one thing is for sure, you can’t wait until their new album comes out. 🙂

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