05/09/2015 – Wanda Group-Usually Mud or the Womb of Control (2015)

Wanda Group return with two dense slabs of ethereal ambient drone



The Wanda Group have never shied away from pushing boundaries with their blend of drone influenced electronica. New 12” We All Mutate Around The Mountain consists of two tracks, with ingenuously abstract titles like, Usually Mud Or The Womb Of Control and You Correct Your Own Vision And Not Ours, and clocking in at thirty minutes, its business as usual.



Slowly moving maelstroms of synths envelope effects to create a cerebral celestial soundscape that morphs into another fragment of lurid gyres. As with most abstract EP’s its less about the music and more about your headspace.



There is a downside to this kind of production though, due to the lack of beats and bass, there isn’t much to grab onto initially, it’s all a bit grey noise, but after repeat listens it become apparent that there is more going on that ethereal vortexes. Subtle melodies and, dare I say, memorable hooks, jump out and you realise this is a complex and intriguing piece of work, rather than something that sounds like the mixture of a kettle boiling and a gas leak.
















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  1. This comment had me chuckling, Nick. I think I’d need a mind like yours to pick out a tune from grey matter.

  2. – I haven’t heard of them. It was a well written post though, Nick!

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