04/09/2015 – E B U-Dead of Night (2015)

Hypnotic skewed pop takes a detour through 1960’s kitsch



The saying you should never just a book by its cover is still sadly true. The same is true for music. After spending what seems like eons flicking through records in musty shops you come across something that speaks to you, then when you get home you realise its garish visage was created to draw you in, and before you know it your caught and stuck with it. Like a musical version of the Nepanthes Alata. However this time it all paid off.



E B U is the latest singing to those sonic enchanters Howling Owl Records. Over the last few year Howling Owl have found the best new musicians out there and given them a home. They’ve also been having a clandestine turf war battle with Record Store Day, and in this hack’s opinion, they’ve made some excellent points and pulled off some key victories. But enough of that, let’s get back to the point in hand. Form looking at the picture of E B U, beret atop a pink bob, face covered by what looks like some kind of S&M mask, you get the impression that this is going to be loud, unnecessarily complicated and ultimately pretentious. All of these things could not be further from the truth.



Dead of Night starts with a lackadaisical guitar strumming while EBU purrs over the top. Sporadically retro sounding electronic blips and bleeps intersperse the track, you know like the thing you heard in 1960’s Sci-Fi films and TV shows. As the chorus kicks, Dead of Night’s intensity and sexuality gets ratchetted up a notch. The middle eight/solo/outro is sublime and reminiscent of the Forbidden Planet’s tonalities soundtrack.



I could go on rabbiting about how wonderful, forward thinking and sublime this is, but in truth I won’t as I’d rather just listen to it all day instead. But I will just say this Dead of Night is the sound of Nancy Sinatra tripping balls in the desert with Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider playing along to early electronic albums and soundtracks in dead of night. You get the picture right?
















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