02/09/2015 – Gold Celeste-Is This What You Could Not Do? (2015)

Oslo trio channel the past to create a piece of pop majesty



What is about Scandinavia and their ability to produce delightfully luscious pop music? It must be something to do with the beautiful landscapes or the lunar cycles that gives their inhabitants the impotence to create these wonderfully inventive, yet insanely catchy songs.



Gold Celeste are no different. Latest single Is This What You Could Not Do? is a glistening and scintillating slab of psych pop excellence. On the surface Is This What You Could Not Do? is a simple song with only a few elements, but on a closer listen you realise its far more complex than drums, bass, vocals and keyboards. The lilting and teetering piano in the back ground gives the piece a constant movement, almost like the gentle rocking of a boat on a fjord, that the drums and vocals effortlessly keep moving forward until its piquant end.



Gold Celeste’s debut album The Glow is out on September 11th and looks set to be a high water mark, not just in Gold Celeste’s career but in 2015 as well if previous singles Can of Worms and Open Your Eyes and Is This What You Could Not Do? are anything to go by.
















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  1. ellahalligan said:

    Always looking for more music that is just fun to listen to… definitely checking this out!

  2. You always find such unique music to share. Thanks!

  3. i love pop music and needed some new tunes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is definitely catchy, and I agree with you it has to be the beautiful landscape!

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