01/09/2015 – The Bug-Zim Zim Zim (2015)

The Bug returns with the final instalment of his Angels and Devils saga


Kevin Martin is a perfectionist. While this means that the music he puts out is flawless, it also means that there is normally a lengthy wait between releases. Until now that is. Last year saw the release on Ninja Tune of the career high Angels and Devils, also that year Martin released the Exit EP and the collaborative 12” Boa/Cold with drone-post-rock guru’s Earth, and now the final part in the Angels and Devils saga Zim Zim Zim has been released, featuring the legendary dancehall DJ Burro Banton.



Zim Zim Zim opens to woozy sirens, distorted vocals and deep squelchy basslines, then synths, snarling snares and Banton’s vocals enter the mix and Zim Zim Zim steps up a noth. This is everything that we’ve come to expect and admire from The Bug, and the Angels and Devils project. It’s darkly claustrophobic and Banton’s raspy vocals loom over the music, adding a threatening, yet prophetic message.



The B-Side is an instrumental version of Zim Zim Zim. While musically it’s the same song, without Banton’s vocals, that song takes on a new vibe. Not taking anything away from Banton, but without his lyrics Zim Zim Zim is more malevolent and sinister. Whether we’ll have to wait another five years for the next Bug album will remain to be seen, but Martin if you have any more gems like this in a hard drive, please don’t wait to put them out!
















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  1. Hi Nick,

    Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to the music on Spotify because I don’t have an account there, but you certainly sound as if you love that type of music!

    I am of the aged years, reaching out to the OLDIES as often as I can. Every now and then I will take in some country music as my parents loved it and played it often while I was growing up.

    Unfortunately, most of the music that comes out today just isn’t my cup of tea.

    – Bonnie

  2. Barbara said:

    Good for all those who are into this genre of music. I have a nephew who is into Electronic Dance Music so I’m aware of its popularity.
    Have a great week, Nick.

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