August 2015 Playlist

So just like the summer, August has come and gone. So what have we learnt?



Mr. David Viner’s welcome return shows that despite he’s aged, his ability to write thought provoking music hasn’t gone

Dave Cloud’s last album is an absolute masterpiece and a fitting way to end such an adhoc and inspiring career

The Zephyr Bones are another in a list of Spanish bands to release forward thinking indie

Rat Columns’ blend of droney rock isn’t just a joy to listen to, but a pleasure to get obsessed by

Trigga, Chimpo and Sam Binga, combined is possible one of the greatest combinations in Grime and UK Hip-Hop

Slim Twig’s slightly skewed eclectic pop music sets him apart from the rest of the pack

Fly Golden Eagle channel 1970’s glam with psych leanings to create one of the most interesting and playable albums of the year

Tom DeMac’s blend of future house is setting dance floors and headphones on fire

Slime’s brand of murky electronica Hip-Hop shows that the UK scene is alive and well

Wholewheat’s new EP pushes lo-fi in new directions



In live news Du Bellows, Two Hands and The Chairs continue to show that the West London music scene is just warming up and the best is yet to come, as all three start to plot their next slew of releases







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