29/08/2015 – Blonde Summer-Paradise (2015)

LA quartet try and channel summer on new EP



You have to give it to Blonde Summer. They’ve tried to do something incredibly hard, capture the feeling of summer in music. That laidback feeling you get the sun is out and the whole day is yours. Anything you want to do, within reason of course, if possible. But like those rare days, Blonde Summer have squandered some of that precious time. Instead of spending longer than you should picking that choosing that perfect outfit and preening, they’ve over thought it and the results aren’t as good as they would have been.



Opening track to the Paradise EP Ca Kid is a four and a half minutes of driving bass, meandering keyboards and scant guitars. The main problem is with the lyrics. They don’t really say anything and by the end of Ca Kid, they start to rub you the wrong way. Maybe things will be better on the title track Paradise? Sadly not. Again the music is fine enough, but the higher vocal range comes across slight cloying and schmaltzy. The rest of the EP follows this pattern. Even when the music takes a slightly ‘harder’ turn on Blazed, the vocals still grate, and undoes all the good work of the composition. This being said, the Paradise EP has an easy going and unhurried feeling to it that screams “SUMMER”. It’s just the vocals and lyrics that stops this from being a great EP. If Blonde Summer can write some intriguing and provocative lyrics then the sky could be the, preverbal limit.
















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