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Portland rapper releases his most cohesive and enjoy work to date. FACT!



If like everyone at thisyearinmusic, Hip-Hop seems to be too slick and over produced at the moment. Yes there are a number of artists who try and push the boundaries and go back to the original ethos of the art form, social commentary, but the majority of contemporary Hip-Hop released least us cold. Lucky the antidote is at hand. Myke Bogan is that antidote.



Since 2012 the Portland rapper has slowly been making name for himself, his appearance on King Chip’s Royal Tour is testament to this. He’s now released his fourth album Casino Carpet. In short its thirty minutes of lurid samples and laugh out loud lyrics. But don’t mistake for Bogan’s playful tongue in cheek lyrics to mean this is a joke. It isn’t, in fact, he’s deadly serious.



Opening track Pink Cocaine name checks the Rugrats, Breaking Bad, Philip Seymour Hoffman, religion and the endemic problem of drugs in society. On 6 Beers Bogan opens by saying he finds it funny people “wish they could make songs like I do, but then they wouldn’t be themselves. And that’s not cool”. Imitation is rife in Hip-Hop, and in a world of copy cats and sound-a-likes it’s refreshing to find someone doing their own thing, because it’s what they like rather than it’s what the majority of fans like. Then Bogan talks about hanging out and slowly getting wasted at home, playing FIFA with his favourite teams. Who says American’s don’t like football?



Stand out track is Beloved. A low tempo track in which Bogan contemplates his life, position in Hip-Hop and how he’s still hungry for success, but not for the usual reasons, i.e. wealth, but so his Grandmother can see him make if before she dies. Bogan’s stye isn’t just refreshing it humanises his music, something not massively seen in Hip-Hop, and grounds his music in reality. How many of us haven’t wanted approval from our family?



If you like you’re Hip-Hip underground with its tongue in its preverbal smoke filled cheek, then this is for you!









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