26/08/2015 – Grubs-Windwaker (2015)

Bristol indie pop supergroup Grubs gear up for debut album release



For a band about to release their debut album, Bristol’s Grubs are getting some serious attention. This isn’t really surprising considering that all three members ply their trades in King of Cats, Trust Fund and Joanna Gruesome, three of the best bands around today.



While Grubs shares elements of this trinity, they also have its own sound, as last year’s debut single Dec. 15/Gym Shame, released on Cool Your Jets, showed. It was three minutes of catchy pop melodies, luscious vocals and slightly surreal lyrics, and yes both song clocked in three minutes. Now they’re gearing up for the release of their debut album It Must Be Grubs in September, by those purveyors of everything lo-fi and DIY, Reeks of Effort/Tuff Enuff.



Lead track Windwaker follows the blueprint of Dec. 15/Gym Shame, but its levels of catchiness and melody have been ramped up, it’s psychotically catchy. The vocal harmonies start off sounding cacophonous and disorienting, but after several listens, you realise there is order to what appears to be chaotic noise. The star of the show however is the guitar work. From the intro to the outro, the jangling guitar grabs you by your collar, or shoulders if you aren’t wearing a collar today, and makes you dance and jig with it until it finally lets you go and saunters off to get a cold drink.



While this is said a lot, almost to the point of it being a cliché, this is an album to get excited about. What’s most exciting about Grubs isn’t that this album is going to be great, it is, but what are they’re going to do next? Hopefully more of the same, but for now with a pun based album title and a happy looking dog on the cover, what more do we want?


















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  1. sophiebowns said:

    ~It’s all new to me. They were quite good. I do tend to prefer slightly rockier music, though!

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