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Illusive lo-fi troubadour readies new EP for mass consumption



When talking about Dan the Human’s music for the first time it’s hard to find an entry point. This isn’t because the music is as dense and unfathomable as, say a Sun Ra album, nor does he use surreal imagery in a Captain Beefheart way, and it’s not particularly that abrasive compared to his lo-fi peers, but when first telling people about Dan there isn’t a lot to say other than “He’s pretty lo-fi and pretty good”. In some camps this is all the recommendation needed, and I hope that you are one of these people, because if you are skip to the last paragraph. If not, read on…



Next month sees Dan release a new EP. So far three tracks have emerged. False Memory, Palindrome and Comic Relief. These three songs are break from Dan’s usual bend of scratchy guitars and discordant vocals. Instead they sound like Tangerine Dream at their most ethereal and Yo La Tengo being produced by Kevin Shields. What’s even more remarkable is how well it all gels together. So far these three songs sit in that ephemeral place where lo-fi soundscapes meet pop.



Exquisite languid melodies and enervated themes permeate this EP. Dreamlike vocals wash over you but jaunty guitar riffs keep you from drifting off into the ether. If these tracks are anything to go by, then next month’s EP should not only be something to look forward to, but another high water mark in the resurgence of lo-fi music. Comic relief? Not a chance of it!










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