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South coast balladeer returns with retro sounding ode to someone special



Those musical miscreants at Art is Hard have done it again. Since March their Hand Cut Record Cut has featured the best in new and unsigned bands the country has to offer. HCRC9 is no exception. Husband Material, born from the ashes of Bournemouth band Bos Angeles, are following on from the buzz they created with debut single What Did I Do Wrong, with a giddy and queasy slab of lovelorn pop Bigger Man.



Opening with what sounds like the Tardis entering a dimension of slow jams and heavy petting, woozy keyboards, translucent guitars and sparse drums enter the mix and Husband Material show why they’re worthy of the praise and hype they’re received this year. At just shy of four minutes Bigger Man slowly bubbles away, full of yearning and passion. It’s the kind of song that DJ’s would play on their Late Night Love shows if they bothered to look away from the tackiness, gaudy and vomit inducing sleazy R&B that permeates their shows. There is real emotion here and with no



In all honesty Bigger Man sounds like a reworking of Princes’ The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, but instead of the purple one crooning about how he can’t make it through the day without seeing her, if all the stars went out one by one she’d be his guiding light, and how, basically, she is the most beautiful girl in the world, Husband Material head honcho Richard Board’s dulcet vocals simple say “Give it up to you. Give it all to you”. During the opening verses Board laments that “Sometimes I wish I was a bigger man, to be all the things that I know I can”. If Bigger Man and April’s What Did I Do Wrong are anything to go by, you already are.









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