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Slime’s debut album showcases not just his proficiency in the studio, but skewed take on composition



The world of electro pop is pretty dense at the moment. There are some who create great slabs of high quality high concept electro pop, that is so forward thinking and bright that it blinds you, others lock themselves away in dark, cramped bedrooms and make music effectively for themselves. On his debut album Company Slime, real name Wil Archer, is somewhere between the two.



Opening track Thurible, My Company , In One Year, Down and Tell are more obtuse, using instruments and samples to create layers of texture and shading, rather than fleshing things out in full colour. That being said, there are moments of brilliance, next to passages of torpor, but the good out weights the bad. These tracks aren’t musique concrete or sonic collages but they also aren’t designed with the mainstream or charts in mind. They are for quiet rumination on the way home from work, or for that quiet morning tea after a big night out.



However the album isn’t just built around these opaque gems. Striding Edge, Hot Dog, Symptoms and At Sea Again are Nu-Soul with their slow jam vibes and hazy lyrics. And finally there are The Way of Asprilla and Patricia’s Stories, which shows that Archer can let rip and write slow bangers too. Throughout the album vocals are used either as background sounds or clever hook, on Patricia’s Stories rapper Jeremiah Jae delivers some of the albums stand out moments.



Overall Company is a beguiling and complex album. It skews from Prince-esque pop, electro lounge, atmospheric electronica, R&B and even a bit of late night small room too. At times Archer is a more abstract and abrasive, than his peers, Deco Child for example. This is not a bad thing, but where his contemporaries uses lyrics to tell a story Archer uses vocals for tone and texture. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what is being said as long as it conveys either an emotion or feeling. It’s safe to say that on his next album Archer will have all the company he desires through collaborations and remixes.









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