Daily Archives: August 15, 2015

North East local heroes are gearing up for debut EP release



Coquin Migale have a few things going for them. Firstly, if Socotra is anything to go by, they write forward thinking indie bangers. Secondly in Alex Soper they have a singer whose vocal range has only been hinted at. Thirdly after generating a buzz in their North East home, their setting their sights on the rest of the country. And lastly did I mention they write forward thinking indie bangers.



Socotra starts off slowly, Soper’s vocals, a clean guitar riff sparse drumming set the scene but down to intricate playing and clever composition it gradually speeds up to create an exhilarating and rousing wall of sound. From there the pattern of clean verse, huge chorus continues until Socotra comes to its logical conclusion.



While Socotra isn’t anything we’ve not heard before, Coquin Migale do it better than a slew of their peers. Soper’s vocals and guitars merge into one to create a unique wall of sound. It’s still early days for Coquin Migale, but the early signs are promising. If their debut EP contains this level of intensity, passion and glorious walls of sound, we’ll be in for something very special indeed.









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